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        Shandong Hontron Aluminum Industry Holding Company Limited

        Shandong Hontron Aluminum Industry HoldingCompany Limited ("HONTRON" or the "company"), wasestablished in August, 2000. The Company was successfully listed on the A sharemarket in March 2010 (abbreviation: HONTRON; stock code: 002379).

        Through ups and downs of the years,hontron has developed into a large-scale, comprehensive aluminum processingenterprise. At present, hontron has owned 22 casting and rolling, 5 coldrolling and 14 foil rolling production lines, with annual capacity of 200,000tons casting coils, 200,000 tons cold rolling coils and 120,000 tons foils. The company mainly produces blister foil, household foil, container foil,decorative foil, battery foil and cable foil and so on.

        With qualified products, professionaltechnology and excellent service, hontron has won many supports and trusts fromcustomers. The company has exported to more than 60 worldwide countries andestablished close relationships with lots of major customers.Spring up dreams,access to future. To ensure the preemptive advantage in the future marketcompetition, hontron will continue to promote scientific and technologicalinnovation, so that the company can achieve a win-win situation of customervalue, corporate efficiency and social benefits, and also create generousreturns and long-term value for the majority of shareholders.


        Stock Code


        The company was founded in 2000.


        Registered capital 1136.373753 million yuan


        Now there are more than 5000 high-quality customers.

        Product Display

        Casting Coil Detail Information
        Cold Rolling Coil Detail Information
        Container Foil Detail Information
        Pharmaceutical Foil Detail Information
        Household foil Detail Information
        Decorative foil Detail Information
        Beer Wrap Foil Detail Information
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